Greensburg, PA (August 14, 2017) – Who says Greensburg can only be green? Wilcox Avenue is about to get a serious makeover with an interactive public art project titled “Art in the Alley.” The initiative will include vibrant colors and original works by Westmoreland Cultural Trust’s Incubator for the Arts local and student artists and is scheduled to be completed by September 30, 2017.    

Original culturally encompassing artwork will be installed on the alley side of the Union Trust Building facing The Palace Theatre’s S&T Bank Courtyard and include forced perspective markings and pop-up exhibits.  The idea began with the inception of the Trust’s incubator studios a year and a half ago; however, recent funding is just now turning this idea into a reality.  The goal is to install local art to create an additional destination spot in Greensburg, improve and enhance the artistic climate of the community, and add color to the local landscape in the growing downtown cultural district, all the while giving local incubator artists exposure and a potentially new audience for their work.

The art initiative is underway thanks to recent grant funding and city approval.  This funding is made possible by Second Chance Fund, Dominion Foundation, Greensburg Rotary – Madeline Nichols Memorial Fund and Westmoreland City Local Arts Grant Program – Park & Recreation.

As the Trust continues to grow as a community leader dedicated to the development and enhancement of the cultural life and economic well-being of Westmoreland County, they also continue to seek out new opportunities to fulfill these goals. The late Judge Debra A. Pezze expressed it accurately by saying that “artists make our ordinary lives, extraordinary.”

“The Trust is very excited about this project, not only because it creates another destination spot within the cultural district, but also the opportunities it gives our local artists.  We hope through this effort that the young artists will grow and ultimately move to open office spaces in Greensburg to help further advance Greensburg and Westmoreland County as a true cultural attraction,” said Mike Langer, Westmoreland Cultural Trust President.

Current “Art in the Alley” artists include Sean Blair (photographer), Carey Busatto (photographer), Moria Richardson (mixed-media/crylic paintings), Joyce Malis (photographer), Nick Silvis (mixed-media), Daisher Rocket (mixed-media), Savannah Butler (photographer), Timm Wherry (photographer).  For details on each artist and their work, please contact Kelli Brisbane at

 “Being involved in the ‘Art in the Alley’ project has been a huge honor! Seeing my work displayed among the other amazing artists has been so gratifying! It’s a great vision to incorporate art and the city into such a beautiful friendship.  I cannot wait to see it grow,” stated WCT Incubator artist Joyce Malis.



Established in January 2016, WCT’S Incubator for the Arts provides a place for creative collaboration among local professional and student artists. The program offers subsidized rent that includes short-term lease options, utilities, Wi-Fi and 24-hour building access in the heart of the downtown cultural district.  Currently, the incubator is home to ten local artists on Main Street, Greensburg.



Westmoreland Cultural Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to stimulate cultural and economic development in the Westmoreland County region. We promote the performing arts; we preserve and enhance our region’s assets for the benefit of the community.



For more information, contact Kelli at 724.836.1123 x255.
Kelli Brisbane

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The Palace Theatre has been a major force in Westmoreland County’s cultural scene for generations. Opened September 2, 1926, as the Manos Theatre, The Palace Theatre today hosts the widest variety of live entertainment in the area in a beautifully renovated 1369-seat facility, located across from the county courthouse.
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