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WCT’s Incubator for the ARTS is a place for creative collaboration with other artists.  Short-term 3-6 month artist leases are offered and include utilities, internet and 24-hour building access.  Spaces range from $100-$325/month.  While WCT’s main goal is to provide local artists with affordable studio space to create and establish themselves within the community, their future aim is to expand the space into a place that tenants can teach their art to the public.

WCT’s long term goal is to offer an artist residency program to include an annual showcase of their work at The Palace.  One pipeline project is to have local artists paint installations on one of the Trust’s buildings.  This will give exposure to Main Street’s pedestrians and drivers.  The Union Trust building is an ideal location for artists with The White Rabbit, Rabbit Hole Records, Connections Café, Sun Dawg Café, Caffe Barista, and Seton Hill’s Performing Arts Center all within walking distance.


For more information or to submit an application, please e-mail Kelli Brisbane at kelli@wctrust.net.


Artist of the Month

Mark Snyder

Westmoreland Cultural Trust is the proud home of Westmoreland County’s Incubator for the Arts. Marc Snyder is one of the newest artists to inhabit an Incubator studio in the Union Trust Building. 

Previously, Marc worked out of Millvale Studios, an artist co-op space that housed artist studios, a performance space, and a broadcast studio. In June 2017, Millvale Studios caught fire, leaving Marc looking for a new space to create his work. 

A resident of Greensburg, Marc found a new artistic home in the Incubator’s Studio C. Marc’s daughter is a member of the YMCA gymnastics team, which practices in the old Armory Building. Three times a week, Marc drives by the Union Trust building- home of the Incubator- to take her to practice, and one day the “Artist Studio Space Available” sign caught his eye.  

Marc received his Bachelor’s Degree in studio art from the University of Virginia and his Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from Indiana University.  Following his MFA he spent nine years as a college professor, teaching a variety of studio courses and managing the gallery at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, GA.   Since leaving academia he has been active as a printmaker, with a special focus on collaborating with small press publishers.  He has exhibited his work widely over the past twenty-five years and has produced over 100 tiny books.  

Marc’s work typically combines printmaking and drawing, primarily on paper, but with occasional sculptural elements involved as well. Drawing in one form or another is central to Marc’s practice as an artist. Marc says that a common thread in his work is the stories we tell ourselves as humans to make sense of the world. He believes we are constantly struggling to bring order and sense to an environment filled with chaos and nonsense. Creating relationships between unrelated elements and employing metaphor and storytelling to create meaning is a basic survival skill we all share, and a process he enjoys exploring in his work.  

You can view two of Marc’s pieces in the Trust’s Art in the Alley. One is a pop-art inspired piece featuring Andy Warhol drawn in Snyder’s signature printmaking style. Another is a black and white cityscape, which will be coming to the alley soon. Marc also opened his studio for the first annual Greensburg Art Walk, and hosted a score of visitors interested in his work. 

Marc currently has a piece in the “Under the Blankets printmaking exhibition, on display at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts through July 8, 2018. He is busy putting together work for a solo show at the Panza Gallery, scheduled to open April 2019.  

Check out more of Marc’s work by visiting www.fimp.net 






Westmoreland Cultural Trust and the Incubator for the Arts program are excited to announce the  interactive public art project “Art in the Alley.”  The initiative will include vibrant colors and original works by Incubator for the Arts local and student artists.  

Original culturally encompassing artwork will be installed on the alley side of the Union Trust Building facing The Palace Theatre’s S&T Bank Courtyard and include forced perspective markings and pop-up exhibits.  The idea began with the inception of the Trust’s incubator studios a year and a half ago; however, recent funding is just now turning this idea into a reality.  The goal is to install local art to create an additional destination spot in Greensburg, improve and enhance the artistic climate of the community, and add color to the local landscape in the growing downtown cultural district, all the while giving local incubator artists exposure and a potentially new audience for their work.

You can learn more about the Art in the Alley initiative here.

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         Sheila Cuellar-Shaffer

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Marc Snyder
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